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Las tareas (Period 8)

For Tuesday, April 22:

-No homework due.  ¡Buenas vacaciones!

Para martes, el 9 de abril :

-Please watch the short video about Che Guevara at: https://youtu.be/f3UwlmQn0ks.

-Next, read the biography about Che that I distributed in class and answer the comprehension questions that follow. (Questions 1-6 are on the page immediately following the reading.  Questions 7-10 for the reading are actually on the back of the film sheet, which is the page right after the map.  I mistakenly put those questions on the wrong page.  If you're confused about where the questions are, you can download the corrected sheet below.  My apologies for the confusion!)  Regardless, please be sure to answer the questions in complete, Spanish sentences, on a separate sheet of paper.

Para viernes, el 5 de abril:

-Essay due: Recent film you've seen.

Che Guevara - reading comprehension (corrected version)
CheGuevara-ReadingComprehension.odt CheGuevara-ReadingComprehension.odt
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Saber y Conocer - Leer y Practicar

Using the link below, please read about "Saber" and "Conocer", then complete the full activity that follows.  Saber y Conocer: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/saber-vs-conocer

El subjuntivo

-Introduction to the concept of the "subjunctive":


-Introduction to subjunctive conjugations:


-Practice with subjunctive conjugations:



No hay por el momento. 

How to-Accent Marks.doc How to-Accent Marks.doc
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