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Las tareas (Period 3)

Para miércolesdía 4 de septiembre:
-No hay ninguna tarea. - No homework due.

Las tareas (Period 6)

Para juevesdía 5 de septiembre:
-No hay ninguna tarea. - No homework due.

Saber y Conocer - Leer y Practicar

To prepare for the quiz, use the link below to read about "Saber" and "Conocer", then complete the full practice activity that follows.  Saber y Conocer: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/saber-vs-conocer

El subjuntivo

-Introduction to the concept of the "subjunctive":


-Introduction to subjunctive conjugations:


-Practice with subjunctive conjugations:


-The subjunctive in context (verbs of influence):


On line verb conjugator

How to type accent marks

How to-Accent Marks.doc How to-Accent Marks.doc
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Weekly Exit Slip
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