My schedule (2018-2019)
Classroom: 213

Period 1: Pre-AP Spanish
Period 2: Dept. Prep.
Period 3: Pre-AP Spanish
Period 4: Study Hall
Period 5: A.P. Spanish
Period 6: A.P. Spanish
Period 7: Prep.*
Period 8: Spanish V

*Latin II meets in my classroom this period. As a result, I may be in the teachers' room on the 2nd floor.
Please note...
1. I eat during second lunch.

2. I am available during AFT on "C" and "D" days.

3. I am also available during my Period 7 prep. and during my Period 4 study hall.

4. I can be available after school as well, until 3:00 p.m., except for Tuesdays.