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Welcome to your Advisory web page 

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There is a lot of information here to help you stay on track with Advisory requirements. Please take a few minutes to look over the information and please don't hesitate to see me with any questions.


Rotation for the week of September 2 - September 6, 2019:

Monday - No School*, Tuesday - Freshman Orientation*, Wednesday - "C" Day*, Thursday - "D" Day, Friday - "E" Day

*No school, in observance of Labor Day.   *Freshmen only    *Upperclassmen return

Rotation for the week of September 9 - September 13, 2019:

Monday - "A" Day, Tuesday - "B" Day, Wednesday - "C" Day, Thursday - "D" Day, Friday - "E" Day


-Junior Job Shadow: Your Job Shadow proposal is due as soon as possible.  The form/information sheet is available for download near the bottom of this page. Please submit your proposal to me as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.  If you're still looking for a job shadow idea, consider WEX, located in South Portland.  This would be ideal for anyone interested in business.  WEX is very open to students shadowing and learning about their business.  To apply, click HERE.  For more information about the company, click HERE.

-Community Service Hours: If you are looking to earn community service hours, or are looking for ideas, stop by the Service Learning Office, located in the Library, and see Holly MacEwan to find out what is currently available. You can also check out the bulletin board outside the office for current volunteer listings.  There are always a wide variety of opportunities available.

What is Advisory?

The purposes of Advisory are:

·       Completion of an advisory portfolio which provides documentation that students are meeting the five Guiding Principles/Expectations and are working towards achievement of the school’s mission.

·       Sense of belonging - being a member of a group will provide security to the students

·       Dissemination of school information to students including daily announcements, guidance news, upcoming events, etc.

·       Discussion of school issues, such as dress code, schedule, etc.

·       Inter-advisory competitions (Fall Fest)

·       Opportunities for advisory-based service learning activities

·       General discussions of student related issues, such as elections, substance abuse concerns, career day, etc.

Students are REQUIRED to attend advisory as scheduled and complete all advisory requirements each year.

Freshman students are randomly assigned to an advisory group.  It is intended that this group remains together through the end of their senior year. This allows the advisees and their advisor to develop a collaborative, working relationship over a period of time.

Falmouth High School Mission & Expectations

Falmouth High school shall foster the development of ethical, responsible, involved citizens of the Falmouth and global communities,and prepare students academically, emotionally, and socially to meet their post-secondary aspirations. 

Each FHS student must graduate as:

·      A clear and effective communicator;

·      A self-directed and life-long learner;

·      A creative and practical problem solver;

·      A responsible and involved citizen and

·      An integrative and informed thinker.

These expectations are demonstrated through the successful completion of the Senior Discovery Portfolio and Presentation.  Students are urged to work diligently on their advisory portfolios in grades 9-11 and are required to have all portfolio components completed by June 1 of their senior year.

 Junior Job Shadow & Senior Discovery Information 

Junior Job Shadow
Information/form as a PDF for download.

JuniorJobShadowProposal.pdf JuniorJobShadowProposal.pdf
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Senior Project - Start thinking about it now!
Your "Senior Project" is a requirement for graduation and must be completed before the end of your senior year. Please take a few minutes to look through the documents embedded below and and see me if you have any questions.  Please note: You do NOT have to decide on a project now - just start thinking about possibilities.
For more information, including exemplars and forms, please go to:

Portfolio & Resume Documents
New Portfolio CvrSheet.odt New Portfolio CvrSheet.odt
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resumetemplate.odt resumetemplate.odt
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Student Handbook Online:

Clubs & Activities: For a comprehensive list, please consult your Student Handbook.

Community Service Opportunities:

Service Learning Blog:

Career Information:


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